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Welcome Welsh cuckoldry lovers!

Cuckold certainly seems to be the buzz word right now in swinging circles and although the basic premise of a couple using a single guy to pleasure the female in front of the husband/boyfriend is nothing new it definitely seems to have had an old term put to it and this has become a popular term also for porn movies again.

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So for those of you who do not know the history behind the term cuckold the term was historically used to describe a wife who slept with other men behind her husband’s back and generally he would be the last to find out. The term itself is thought to come from the cuckoo where the female will lay her eggs in the nests of other birds.

In today’s modern swinger times the act of cuckoldry has become something of a fetish state where more of a role play takes place and depending on the couple’s preferences either one of them can be the dominant party and is not just for the female’s sexual pleasure.

Different couples, not necessarily married ones, will have different scenarios in mind but all will require a single male to be the bull, which can actually be the harder role as they have to be able to perform under pressure from the watching of the “cuckolded husband”!

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